The Lovely Kaylene Nesser

Norma Kaylene Nesser 1963 - 1984

(In all these pics, Kaylene is 17. She died at 21.)
Kaylene Nesser Kaylene Nesser
Kaylene at my house in Columbus GA Kaylene on my floor
Kaylene Kaylene
Kaylene at My House Kaylene in My Door
Kaylene Kaylene
Kaylene wants you to think this is her car! Kaylene with Joey Park at age 9
Kaylene 100% Nessers
Kaylene in Parking Lot at Ramada Inn Kaylene with her father Neil and her grandparents
Kaylene Shoots Joe
Kaylene Took This Pic of Me
I met Kaylene in Atlanta, GA at the Ramada Inn at Six Flags in January of 1980. She was 17. Kaylene died of an accidental overdose of cocaine in 1984.
Kaylene was beautiful inside and out, and everyone loved her. I miss her so very much. I think of her every day.

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